A Remarkable Resemblance: Outer Space and Virtual Space

The Space industry bears a remarkable resemblance to an industry that enriched most Space entrepreneurs: the Internet, another space that’s virtually out of this world. A generation ago, few people imagined that the “brick and mortar” world of retail would be rocked by an online bookstore named after a river, or that people would trust their money to flow through a place called PayPal, or that computer geeks would become billionaire celebrities while still in their twenties.

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The Martians in Your Classroom TED Talk in Print

We have come along way in technological advances and space travel, but in order to lead the way in future missions, we have to think bigger in education as well. 

The Martian Classroom isn't just about space, it's a metaphor for the future of education and where we need to drive the learning space of the future by equipping students to thrive both on and off of planet Earth. 

Educators influence the future. The Martians in our classrooms are that future and will pave the way for humanity. What an awesome responsibility we have and they have!

We are just getting started. Let's propel the change rather than waiting for the change to propel us. 

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Tackling Significant Challenges

Our education system is tied closely to industry; first to agriculture, then to manufacturing, now to technology. In the future, we will continue to build on this technology as we explore Space. We have hardly scraped the surface in keeping up with accelerating technologies.  Dell Technologies predicts that 85% of the jobs in 2030 haven't been created yet. What steps do we need to make in order to ensure that our students are prepared for unknown jobs, on and off of our planet?

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Globalized Learning Spaces

The Martian Classroom isn’t just about Space, it’s also a metaphor for the future of education and where we need to drive the learning space for this future. To start, we need to loosen the ties between education and geography, and this needs to happen now. Expanding the classroom to collaborate with classes on the other side of the globe will prepare students for a world that connects work to global talent.

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Just the Stats!

When we look at the world’s biggest problems, most require solutions related to STEM. Based on this data, only a slight fraction of our country is able to solve these issues. In order to remain relevant and maintain our standing amongst nations, STEM education must be at the top-of-mind for every educator, politician, and when it comes down to it, every last one of us. Whether it’s discovering the cure for cancer, creating algorithms and systems for transportation, detecting the next terrorist attack, or developing the technology to send humans to Mars, the answer lies in equipping those in our classrooms with the knowledge, skills, the space to create, and the inspiration to do so.

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Red Alert! The Race to Space in Education

A revived robust public space program today is the change we need to inspire the next generation of STEM students, teachers, and professionals. The future has always been linked to our identity as a nation. We could always make things better, and whatever it took, we were going to do that work.

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