The Evolution of the Bicycle

I love riding bikes. There is nothing like the exhilaration of feeling the wind through my hair and absorbing the sounds and the beauty of the world around me as I pedal my way to a destination... and sometimes not even having a final destination. Just enjoying the day and exploring the world around me.

I remember learning how to ride a bike like it was yesterday... The excitement of having the training wheels gone and knowing that my father's strong arms were still holding on, and suddenly realizing... they weren't... this was all me! I was riding a bike all by myself!

The memories of learning to ride a bike are relatively similar for most, regardless of geography, culture, or age. Why? Bikes are the same and have always been the same over the course of history. But have they? 

As mobility has evolved, the bicycle has remained relevantly consistent and popular with some tweaks and improvements along the way. The first machine to be called a bicycle was the penny-farthing which had a high wheel that made it dangerous due to the height and fast speeds. Another version was called the "boneshaker" which accurately described the uncomfortable ride resulting from an iron frame, wooden wheels, and tires made of iron.

In the 1880's, the Safety bicycle" was invented. The rider's feet were within reach of the ground making it easier to stop, and the pneumatic tire created smoother riding conditions.

Since that time, bikes have become lighter, modernized, and customized. 

One of the most recent and most significant changes is the concept of bike sharing


Uber is even joining this movement! Their model of "Drive Your Car & Be Your Own Boss. Work When You Want With Uber" is expanding to be more than a car service, to a mobility service. It has joined the bike share craze in an effort to take on mobility as a whole.


The big problem to solve... those pesky bikes on the sidewalks!!! Up next, the elusive flying car! Stay tuned!