Gen Mars

“The first person to have walked on the Red Planet has already been born and may be on your class roster.”

66 years separated the Wright Brothers from the Apollo 11 moon landing. The next great frontier is not too far away. The students in today's classrooms will not only witness colonies on the Moon and Mars, they will also be the ones taking on these great frontiers and paving the way for humanity. The first person to step foot on the Red Planet has already been born and may be on your class roster, or living next door, or in your home. How do we ensure that today’s youth are not only equipped for their future reality, but that they are also the ones prepared to create it? It comes down to leadership and the push for Career and Technical Education, and its counterpart, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.)

According to Career, the generations that are in today’s classrooms are the iGen/GenZ generation (born between 1995-2012) and Gen Alpha (born between 2013-2025.) In the Martian Classroom, these generations are combined and referred to as Gen Mars.

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  1. Visit and determine which generation you fall under.

  2. What cultural, political, and economic influences define your generation?

  3. How does your generation differ from the generations before and after? What are the similarities?

  4. Each generation is apart of a greater whole. What does your generation have to offer? How does your generation rely on other generations?