Memorial Day in Space!

Memorial Day is a time to remember the heroes who died while serving our country. We spend this day honoring those who gave up everything to give us freedom and celebrating life and the traditions of our great nation.

What does Memorial Day look like in Space? 

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While many of us 

 are enjoying a 3-day weekend of remembrance, astronauts are busy working on ISS.  Orbital ATK's Cygnus cargo ship arrived on Thursday which means cargo to unpack and experiments to set up. The astronauts find other ways to recognize and pay homage, such as wearing red shirts on Fridays. Find out more here.

Photo Credit: NASA

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Check out 10 Ways to BBQ on an Exoplanet and share your favorite on social media using #MartianClassroom!

Photo Credit: NASA


Want to know what Memorial Day looks like in Space? Look up! You may spot the International Space Station. It's the third brightest spot in sky, so you can see it with the naked eye. Visit #SpotTheStation to find out more. 

Photo Credit: NASA