#UberElevate: If Burgers Could Fly...

Uber Elevate brought together masterminds from around the globe to discuss important topics around mobility, including flying food! While the majority of the conference focused on the elusive flying car and getting VTOL's (Vertical Take Off and Landing) in the sky by 2023, one highlight was a closing comment by UBER CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi: "A key to solving urban mobility is flying burgers." 



Yes, you heard that right, flying burgers!

UberEats has transformed the world of food delivery, but up next... forget that one hour plus wait on Super Bowl Sunday... you can have a burger or a pizza delivered to your door in five minutes! 


Which begs the question... 

Do drones accept tips??? 

Another unanswered question of the day- will #uberelevate make the drone... TBD... 

Stay tuned for more highlights and announcements from this event (too many for one blog post!!!)